The benefits of advertising on mobile games for brands



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The impact of the pandemic has only strengthened the position of gaming, and in doing so mobile advertising. Brands could no longer ignore mobile as a central advertising channel.

While locked inside, gaming took on a new significance and became a way for people to connect both at home and with others around the world. This brought more new audiences to mobile gaming and saw existing gamers playing more frequently and for longer. 2.9bn people (71% of internet users, up from 63% in 2015) now play games on their smartphones, making mobiles the most popular gaming device in history. This makes gaming the single largest pool in one inventory.

Not only does online gaming offer a broad consumer base, it also offers an engaged audience. The average session length among the top 25% of games was 9 minutes. For games in the middle tier, this was closer to 5 minutes, and the lower end had an average session length of 3 minutes. This seems low, but when compared to web pages where people often spend a matter of seconds before they bounce, you realise the power that mobile game advertising has.

The length of time on site is crucial because for video ads to be effective they need long-form content, similar to TV. Few people will watch a 15 to 30-second ad when they are only on a site for around five minutes. The longer the time spent on site, the better the engagement for digital video ads will be.

Advertising in mobile gaming has a lot in common with TV; they are both mediums that can host a range of long-form content and be distributed to diverse audiences. However, mobile gaming advertising has a distinct advantage over TV: targeting.

Programmatic advertisers for mobile can run data analysis on audiences playing online games with extreme accuracy, far better than any TV marketer could imagine. This highly accurate profiling results in the ability to put extremely relevant ads in front of users, which keeps the user engaged and the advertiser happier.

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