iOS 14 uncertainty is pushing advertisers towards alternative Android app stores



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You have probably heard about the iOS 14.5 release, especially in relation to its crackdown to protect the user’s privacy. While this may have pushed some users concerned about their privacy toward Apple products, it is having the opposite effect for advertisers, who fear the new privacy laws will negatively impact their advertising strategies. This is the obvious route to take, and recent statistics show that there has been a growing ad spend on the Google Play Store compared to the Apple App Store. However, Airnow Media proposes an alternative route that could be implemented in addition to an increased ad spend on the Google Play Store: shifting ad spend onto alternative Android app stores.

That’s right, we said it. The days of solely focusing your app store ad spend on Google Play and Apple Store are over, the opportunity to explore different Android stores offers a huge opportunity for marketers and developers, and Airnow Media is here to support you all the way.

How can Airnow Media help?

iOS 14 IDFA - uncertainty is driving advertisers to push as much as they can on IOS current campaigns until the changes happen and push mobile marketers to promote more Android apps. Utilising Airnow media, clients can now measure advertising performance for alternative Android stores, from attribution, ROI to LTV measurements, and all the features that are currently available for Google Play and iOS apps.

Airnow Media partners with all global MMPs/attribution platforms and will help you cover the challenges on post-event attribution towards your mobile retargeting and performance campaigns by making sure your post-install data is aligned with your goals and market strategy.

Airnow Media provides you with the most comprehensive mobile marketing solution from our 3 pillars: which includes a programmatic media buying solution, our very own mobile ad network, as well as a unique app distribution strategy.

Our programmatic approach will give you access to a network of more than 800,000 publishers and ad exchanges with In-App, mobile web and video inventory, reaching quality users of the highest value for your business via RTB and granular reporting tools.

Airnow Media’s three pillars: Optimise

Utilise our state-of-the-art optimization and transparency with our granular reporting tools, powered by data insights and machine learning algorithms, to reach your key performance metrics with ease.


Pre-install your app globally on brand new mobile devices reaching millions of new users, giving you access to key target audiences in markets all around the world.

Whether you’re looking to increase awareness, acquisitions or post-event performances, our CP[x] model means you’ll only pay once we’ve delivered the results over multiple media channels, networks & platforms. No more wasting money on non-performing traffic and media partners.


Enhance your branding strategy with Airnow proprietary ad network by engaging with our extensive network of publishers using the most effective ad formats available: push notifications, overlay, rich-media, landing page and in-app banners to easily hit your campaign KPI’s.

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