Could Sports Streaming apps signal the death of watching sport on TV?



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The way we view sport has changed as smartphones and tablets have become a more and more integral part of our lives. ‘Second screening’ - watching sport from your smartphone at the same time as watching another game on TV - may account for some of the high viewership. But many people don’t just ‘second screen’; they use their smartphones as their primary viewing devices, eliminating TV altogether. According to the Airnow Data platform, over the past year (27/04/2020 - 26/04/2021) MAUs have increased by 54% in the top Sports Streaming Apps in the USA on iOS.

Though mobile apps are a serious competitor to traditional TV, when it comes to sport, they currently don’t replace TV completely. Instead, they play an accompanying role and help users get the most from their experience.

Yet, as we move into the future it seems like it is only a matter of time before Sports Streaming becomes the most prevalent way of viewing sport. You only have to look at the impact of ‘The Netflix Effect’ in shaking up the movie and series industries to get an indication of what can happen.

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