Our Programmatic DSP

Engineered for growth, quality and brand safety

With access to ad inventory and over 14 mobile ad marketplaces, our Demand Side Platform (DSP) has been built to identify the most valuable audiences for your business.

A Flexible Approach to Advertising

Alongside a variety of scalable Mobile, Native, Video and Audio ad solutions, our DSP offers both managed and self-service platform options, so that you can manage ads your own way


Managed Service

Leverage Airnow DSP expertise on campaign strategy & execution, always with transparency in mind.

Self service

Self Service

Crafted for the advanced marketer & agencies who prefer to have complete control.

Why Programmatic?

Gain a higher quality of user without breaking the bank, and ensure brand safety throughout

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Quality users

Reach users browsing, playing and watching content on the best publishers around the world through our exchange and publishing partners.


Smarter spending

With computer powered analysis and machine learning optimization algorithms, we’ll ensure you’re only bidding to show ads for the right price.


Brand safe

Our publishing partners work with us to keep our traffic both secure and brand safe, while we control each impression with our validation partners.

Get Ahead of the Game with Programmatic

Airnow Media’s DSP is the smarter way of buying and selling ad inventory via real-time bidding

Spend Smarter, Not Harder

Ready to see Airnow Media’s DSP in action? Get in touch with a member of our team today, and learn how a programmatic buying strategy can help you achieve more conversions, more effectively.

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